“One of the smartest decisions I made as chair of the Holme Roberts & Owen executive committee was hiring Mary Kimber to head up our marketing group.  Her vast experience, insights, contacts and enthusiasm for the task brought a professionalism to law firm marketing unparalleled in the region.”

Larry Theis, Firm Chairman, Holme, Roberts & Owen LLP

Mary Kimber is a visionary marketer. I’ve worked closely with her for the better part of decade, producing custom publications with her at both Patton Boggs and Bryan Cave. The trick in producing successful custom content is finding the balance between what the sponsor needs to say and the reader needs to hear. There’s a constant tension involved in the process—especially at a law firm, where the attorneys are often more focused on their message than on the medium through which it’s conveyed—and Mary has been a master at defusing that tension, and thereby fostering the creation of content that furthers the firm’s goals precisely because it meets the reader’s—that is, the client’s or prospective client’s—informational needs. Even more important, she has been able to integrate that custom content into the rest of the firm’s marketing efforts, orchestrating successful, multifaceted, multichannel marketing programs that have truly created business for the firms for which she’s worked.

Mike Winkleman, President & CCO, Leverage Media

Mary has a rare combination of broad-based, strategic thinking and detailed understanding of sophisticated practices that can only come from years of experience in partnership with lawyers from some of the most prestigious law firms in the business. She works methodically with entrepreneurial senior lawyers and their existing clients to cultivate, mutually beneficial solutions as well as encourage new opportunities with prospective clients.

Evan Chuck is a partner at Crowell & Moring in the Los Angeles Office and is a member of the firm's International Trade and Corporate Groups. He leads the firm's Asia practice and is also a director of the firm's China consulting subsidiary, CMI Shanghai.

Over the course of her career, firm leaders and executive committees have called on Mary Kimber to design marketing and business development programs that support a firm’s strategic plan – or, to create initiatives that move the needle when there is no discernible vision or strategy in place.  Successful initiatives often have a “hotness” to them, meaning they are both popular with the upper echelon of the firm and attract vocal dissenting opinions from those who dislike change.  Mary has a gift of communication that evens out and bridges this delta. Consequently, the firms she works with move farther forward, reaching and exceeding their stated goals.

The reason that Mary is ideal as a Fractional CMO is that she can walk into a firm and add value on Day One. She will instinctively know exactly where to begin, and will enter a new firm client with authority, collaboration and intelligence. She will bring an ambitious commitment to helping the firm make marketing and business development decisions that add short- and long-term value.

Deborah McMurray, CEO and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot LLC