Fort Kimber Partners Launches in Denver and Southern Colorado

March 19, 2014

Mary C. Kimber, a well-known legal marketing professional, today announced the launch of Fort Kimber Partners, a marketing and business development consultancy operating from offices in Denver and southern Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains.  The firm works with small to mid-sized western U.S. firms.

“Fort Kimber is equal parts place and person,” Kimber said.  She said her business was built around the concept that ideas unencumbered by the inherent distractions of our world foster creativity, character and personal growth — traits she’s long brought to the law firms she’s worked with.  Ultimately, these traits drive successful business development efforts.

Kimber’s firm started simply enough, as a mountain retreat, where marketing ideas flourished better than in other locations she worked.  “For me, watching an elk stroll by seems to inspire strategies more than watching downtown traffic,” she said.

With extensive experience with law firm practice groups, business development and branding campaigns, Kimber offers a rarely-found legal service, that of a fractional chief marketing officer.  A hybrid between part-time executive marketer and hands-on strategist, the role positions Kimber with CEO and senior management to set strategy, review operations and develop business plans.  But firms that opt for the fractional model, much like companies that use fractional aircraft ownership, don’t incur salary, benefits, office space, hiring and other expenses that come with full-time staff.  The fractional CMO works select days each month and is available for ongoing support, training of staff and program implementation.

Fort Kimber’s core services include the fractional CMO role, practice group strategy and development and tactical support as well as branding, visibility and marketing campaigns.

Kimber hopes to leverage her experience to benefit her clients’ return on investment, by doing what she does best:  connecting lawyers to clients.   With more firms outsourcing traditional marketing services as a way to stay competitive – cost effectively – using a professional like Kimber may appeal to many law firm leaders.

An accomplished marketing professional with more than 25 years’ experience working with lawyers, Kimber is the former CMO of an AmLaw 100, Washington, D.C.-based firm, and a mid-sized Colorado-based, regional firm.  Her award-winning campaigns have not only set firms apart, but ultimately garnered first-mover awareness, new clients and revenue growth.