Practice Group Strategy, Development and Tactical Tools

The Concept

  • To develop an industry-focused group based on evolution of traditional publishing to digital world, building upon work of one attorney for a major publisher

Articulated Goals

  • Conduct market research of industry players, including trade associations
  • Leverage industry changes to maximize service offerings across the firm
  • Establish a niche practice for a growing industry and win new clients and new matters


  • Selection of key attorneys with additional service offerings
  • Establishment of industry reputation through new materials including web site content and pitch materials
  • Communication to internal and external audiences
  • Embedding group into industry association


  • New industry model and unproven concept
  • Lack of clarity around legal needs/exposure
  • Unknown depth of client base


  • Developed new materials, web presence and targeted speaking engagements
  • Utilized key referral sources and expanded service offerings, including international licensing
  • Service as outside general counsel for small and independent publishers
  • First firm to launch this industry practice in this market
  • Six new clients in one year, adding depth to spectrum of legal services geared toward expansion of publishing brands and license agreements

“Mary was able to take my practice of working for a key industry player and expand it to a niche industry practice, which included other legal services for independent publishers.  Her market research, targeting, materials development, pitch strategies and speaking opportunities at key industry conferences allowed me to launch a new practice group and thus expand work for not only myself but the entire group.”

Jim Sawtelle, Member/Partner, Sherman & Howard LLC