Our Story

Fort Kimber sits nestled in the southern range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado.  It is a special place in a very crowded world. Fort Kimber started out as an idea – a simple desire to build a place on the planet where one could work, unencumbered by the constant drum beat of distractions inherent in our world.  The idea was turned into action by securing the necessary resources to literally build a house, in the wilds, and experience a setting that fostered creativity, character and personal growth.  Fort Kimber is an outpost, a fort built upon a solid foundation of experience and results. It is a place where ideas take root and the challenges of the legal industry are met with creativity, adaptability and strategic thinking.


Beginning in 2008, with the collapse of investment banks and the recession, many lawyers and firm leaders often found themselves feeling uninspired and undisciplined to stay abreast of new developments, evolve with changing times and keep their competitive edge.  Now, more than ten years later, along with shrinking budgets, generational divides and a contraction of legal services spending, firm leaders are facing new challenges: Competing with on-line legal service providers, subscription service billing, new protocols for data security regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or simply understanding the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other global and technological influences impacting business today — law firm leaders are under constant pressure to out-perform their most recent year’s balance sheet.


With the incessant information stream, it is hard to find clarity, focus or elevated thought. Yet there is incredible energy in the human spirit that can be applied to this industry. At Fort Kimber Partners we understand that. We live it. And given the opportunity to define, refine and truly come to know what is important in your law practice, you can thrive!