About Us

Fort Kimber Partners is a legal marketing and business development consultancy serving law firms and lawyers throughout the United States.  We are different because our core approach is based on big firm experience, yet scaled to meet your needs.  We have a reputation of delivering results that matter, based upon articulated goals.  We collaborate with you and your staff to deliver client service that makes an impact and drives revenue.  Fostering practice aspirations into reality is a lofty goal.   Yet it is the core of what we do.  Let us help you streamline your operations, strengthen your skills, build upon your ideas, and grow your practice to maturity.  Let us help you fortify it to stand up to the forces that impact your firm in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Fort Kimber Partners has substantial experience in the legal services industry. With offices in Denver and southern Colorado, we are strategically positioned in the middle of the country to be to any of our clients’ sites in a few hours. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve worked coast-to-coast, in both large and mid-sized firms as well as with small firms and sole practitioners. We understand the legal industry and the myriad of marketing consultants as well as technology providers and other vendors in the dizzying world of legal marketing.  Most importantly, we have a deep wealth of knowledge about your competition and the services and attention your clients demand.  We believe Fort Kimber Partners’ experience sets our firm apart from large consultancies as well as sole marketing consultants, based on our capabilities, reputation and results.

We are not a panacea and will not claim to be the solution to all of your challenges. For competencies outside of our focus, we maintain a network of vendor partners and other specialists with whom we regularly work together to assist clients.